Porter, unwillingly, works as Hecate's agent in Mckittrick Hotel. During his service, he sometimes cooperates with, sometimes coerced by Catherine Campbell. Porter appears to have unrequited love towards Boy witch.

Porter (drawing created by )

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Wearing a maroon jacket (a hotel uniform). Staying almost the whole time in the Hotel.

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Right before the dancing ball begins, porter serves Agnes tea rather impertinently; then he found the stolen money in her suitcase. After the telephone rings, both rush to the telephone booth, but porter get there first. After Agnes left, porter dance happily in the lobby.

The boy witch arrive at hotel lobby, while porter waiting behind hotel counter, with the envelope containing prophecy to Banquo. He then observes Sexy witch teasing Banquo. After Sexy witch has done, porter follows her to telephone booth, where Boy witch awaits. Porter seems to be entranced by the synchronized dance of Boy witch and Sexy witch. After sexy witch left to Gallow Green, porter joins Boy witch. He is seduced, tormented, intimidated, and eventually abandoned by Boy witch on the floor.

Porter find Danvers/Catherine Campbell's scheme, that she tries to poison Lady Macduff with glass of milk. Porter tries to intervene but to no avail. He then pass coat and suitcase to a delirious Lady Macduff.

An enraged Agnes storm into hotel lobby, interacting with porter angrily. Porter gives in, providing her Hecate's address. Porter then meet Danvers/Campbell, passing a letter to her. He finally broke down, sobbing in the telephone booth, and continue to hide there until the deranged Macbeth couple pass hotel lobby.

A frustrated porter checks the poisoned milk in can-tine, and tidies up the hotel lobby. When Lady Macduff enters lobby and followed by a murdering Macbeth, porter goes into hiding in his back office. He start to write a letter to Hecate, imploring heartrendingly. Then he goes out to lobby, found Lady Macduff's body on coach. He give her back her suitcase after she revives.

While three witches converge in hotel lobby, preparing for the first prophecy, porter goes into hiding again. In his little office, he trace his hand on a paper, then write down a few words, including "the boy". After he coming out, he encounters Boy witch behind hotel counter. He help boy witch putting on a shiny balm under Boy witch's eyes, then Boy witch goes on Cabaret stage, performing "Is that all there is" (somewhat the same time with Hecate's performance). Not shortly after, the dancing ball begins again.

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