One of the three witches following Hecate's command.

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She usually wear a green dress with ruffled shoulder belt.
Sexy Witch


After grooming herself in a little room on second floor, sexy witch walks to cabaret, preparing the First prophecies along with another two witches. After Macbeth arrives, the three witches chase him to hotel counter and gives him the prophecy.

Sexy witch then heads up to Gallow Green on the fourth floor, finding bartender waiting in the speakeasy. She seduces and teases bartender, then abandoned him and takes an audience to detective's office, ansswering a phone cal from enraged bartender.

Next she goes down to ballroom, meeting another two witches before the dancing ball begins.

She lures Macduff away from his wife on the ball. She then heads up to the hotel, finding Banquo and giving him his own prophecy, after which she dances with Boy witch briefly in the telephone booths.

Her next move is going to the paisley's candy shop on Gallow Green high street, picking out candies and waiting for Macduff. When Macduff arrive, she teases Macduff with candies and eventually gives him a poisonous candy.

Sexy witch appears in the Morgue. The tailor finds her lying on the mortuary slab quietly. He starts to examine her, but startled by a suddenly awake Saxy witch. She then drags the tailor and throws him on street.

The three witches converge on the high street, then head to the replica bar together. The rave/second prophecy begins. Sexy witch appears to be completely exhausted, she appears drowning while Hecate standing aside, watching. Hecate demand her to pull herself together and head down for the final banquet.

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