An isolated seer. Former matron of the King James Sanitorium. Wears a white and light blue vintage nurse uniform. Stays in the hut for most of the show.


Nurse Shaw and Matron have a dancing scene. Matron opens a window with strong backlighting and sees Nurse Shaw. She comes out and they do a dance sequence running through the maze. Nurse Shaw escapes and Matron looks on sadly as Nurse dances on the window sill. Matron walks back dejected and alone.  

After a while Matron grabs a piece of chalk and makes her way to the pillar. There she writes usually "Who must hang them? Why the honest men." though ocassionally she'll write other quotes that are also from Macbeth. She then faints and Nurse Shaw finds her. Nurse helps Matron up and they walk back to the hut. Matron invites Nurse in and she checks Nurse's mouth with a spoon. Matron brushes Nurse's hair as Nurse begins to nod off. Matron holds Nurse like a baby and rocks her on her rocking chair, but rocks too hard knocking back into the wall. This scares Nurse and she runs away.  

One on OneEdit

Once in a while Matron will take in someone for her one on one. She closes both the window and door then takes off your mask saying, "That's better." She pours tea into a teacup and asks you if you would like any milk or sugar. She spoonfeeds you the tea and then wipes your face with a cloth. After that she retells the Grandmother’s “black fairy tale” from Scene XXI in WOYZECK. (See Below) changing the gender of the child and the pronouns in the story to match the audience member's percieved gender (boy/he, girl/she, child/they) When she is finished telling the story she traces the lines on the palm of your hand and then says to you, "It'll have blood they say, blood will have blood." She then places your mask on you, has you leave, and then closes her door.

"Once upon a time there was a poor child with no mother and no father. Everything was dead, and there was nobody left in the whole world. Everything was dead. The boy went on search day and night and since there was no one left on earth he wanted to go up into the heavens. The moon looked at him so friendly! But when he finally got to the moon, the moon was a piece of rotten wood.  And then he went to the sun, and when he got there, the sun was a wilted sunflower. And when he went to the stars they were little golden flies stuck up there like the shrike sticks them on the blackthorn. And when he wanted to go back to earth, the earth was an overturned piss pot. And he was all alone. And he sat down and he cried, and he is still there to this day, all alone."