Lady macduff

Lady Macduff

Wife of Macduff.

Notable Feature Edit

She is pregnant and wears a teal velvet evening dress.



In one scene, pregnant Lady Macduff eats toast and jam in a dining area. A woman/maid walks in and pours a glass of milk. Lady Macduff seems desperate to drink the milk and performs a dance with the maid - the maid constantly keeping the milk just out of reach. The maid finally drips milk down Lady Macduffs' arm, and Lady Macduff licks it off. The maid pours the milk in a bowl and Lady Macduff drinks it like a cat, as the maid walks away.

She faints during the dancing/ballroom scene after drinking copiously. The maid (Catherine Campbell) seems to both furnish her with alcohol and take it away from her, then scoops her up.

She also arrives at the taxidermist's shop and receives information of some sort from Mr. Bergerran.

One on OneEdit

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