Leading female character. Wife of Macbeth. Former patient of King's sanitarium.

Lady macbeth and Macbeth

Notable Feature Edit

She usually wear a sequined green dress during the dancing ball.

Plotline Edit


They were in a grand, palatial bedroom, gathered around a bathtub where who I presumed was Lady Macbeth was giving Macbeth a bath, washing blood off him. As she dried him off, I walked over to the French window which looked out over a foggy, desolate courtyard. As I wandered around, I saw a hooded statue in the gloom. At the time, I couldn’t be sure if it was a statue or a person in costume and I didn’t want to get any closer to find out. So, I went back to the safety of the bedroom. Macbeth was now gone, along with most of the crowd. Lady Macbeth was in bed and started to play out a wonderful interpretation of the sleepwalking scene. Until now I have never understood the appeal of modern dance, but this had everything – the gymnastic way she convulsed and backflipped on the bed, the manic terror on her face as she went to the bath and tried to wash off the imaginary blood on her hands, the spider-like way she clambered backwards up the bedroom furniture into a hidden glass box in the wall, it was all incredible. Unashamedly, anonymous behind our masks, my fellow voyeurs and I watched as she disrobed in the glass box and put on a dress.

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