This one on one has been discontinued, but was featured during the summer of 2012.

Entering the McKittrick via Gallow Green, guests are ushered to a door offset from the staircase leading up to the rooftop. The usher (for example, a tipsy flapper-like woman with red lips named Charlotte) will make small talk, flirt, joke, etc. in the moments leading up to the guest's entrance. When the time is ready, the guest walks through this particular doorway and is passed off to a bell hop who takes you by the hand into a pitch black hallway. With only the light of the bellhop's flashlight, the guest is quickly led down down this hallway. About halfway down, the bellhop diverts you into a little alcove to the side of the corridor where he pins you against the wall and whispers in your ear "Why did you come back here? She knows you're here." He hushes you and insists that you keep quiet. Immediately after you hear the frenzied footsteps of a woman running down the hallway next to you. The bellhop then says "Here, put this on," and dons you with the trademark white Venetian mask that all the guests wear. He leads you down the remainder of the hallway and passes you through into a second pitch black corridor lit solely by the light of an illuminated "Telephone" booth, in which a phone is ringing for you to answer. Alone in this dark corridor, you make your way to the phone booth and answer the phone, where an operator informs you of the mysteries you are about to encounter. Unaware of the movement of the telephone booth, the phone call cuts out and all you hear is the dial tone. You hang up, some dim lights come up and you find yourself taking your first footsteps into the rooms of the McKittrick Hotel.

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