One of the three witches working at the command of Hecate.

Notable Features Edit

Usually appears as somewhat young male, wear heavy eye shadows under both eyes. He and Malcolm are the only both-male dancing pairs on the ball.
Boy witch

Plotline Edit

Boy witch appears in hotel lobby, waiting and preparing for the first prophecy for Macbeth. He then perform the first prophecy along with bald witch and sexy witch. He stays to do a lip-sync "all there is" before heading down to ballroom for the dancing party.

After dancing ball, boy witch performs a duo dance with porter in telephone booths, ending with him abandoning porter on the floor and heading to Gallow Green Speakeasy.

Boy witch then performs a frenzied pool table solo. Not long after him reuniting bald witch, the rave/second prophecy begins in Hecate's replica bar.

Exhausted by the rave, Boy witch storm out of the bar to take a shower afterwards, then heading down to the banquet. After the end of the banquet, he move trees back to the center of dancing floor.

One on One Edit

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