A Scotland thane, and loyal friend to Macbeth, murdered by Macbeth eventually.

Banquo during his luggage room solo


After pushing trees back to dancing floor, Banquo goes to the mezzanine floor, contemplating in front a Madonna's statue, then he is greeted by Macbeth. They head up to Hotel Luggage room to clean up. After Macbeth goes to the First Prophecy, Banquo stays and continues his solo dance.

Finishing his solo, he goes to the crypt room, where he encounters Bald Witch. They have a nightmare-like dance.

He meet and greet with Malcolm and Duncan right before the party. They enter the ball room together. After the dancing party, Banquo follows Sexy Witch and Boy Witch up to the lobby.

Not long after having received his own prophesy, he subsequently has been charmed and taunted by both Sexy Witch and Bald Witch. Banquo then stumbles out of the hotel lobby and down the long staircase to the ballroom. Finding the space all to himself, Banquo does a writhing, tortured solo in the middle of the dance floor. The sound of birds flapping their wings and cawing fills the air. In a stunning acrobatic display, Banquo dives about the room as if dodging the birds. As the unsettling bird sounds crescendo, Banquo hears an alarm bell toll in the distance. He throws his hand up toward the sky and shouts before rushing up to the mezzanine to find Duncan’s dead body.

He summons Malcolm and Macduff with a bell. After carrying Duncan down to the crypt, they throw their suspicion and accusation with each other. After reunite with MacDuff and Malcom at the speakeasy, they play an aggressive card game, involving hammer, nail and shots.

When Macbeth shows up, the other two scatter, leave Banquo face a frenzied Macbeth. They have a fierce fight, end with Banquo being killed by Macbeth with a brick.

Banquo is the last to appears at the banquet scene, as the form of a bloody spectre.

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