Bald witch

Backstory Edit

One of the three witches working at the command of Hecate. The character is presumably based on Agnes Sampson, one of the accused in the North Berwick witch trials.

Notable Feature Edit

NOT necessarily bald, her hair style depends on the actresses who plays this role. At the beginning she wears a wig; as the show proceeds, she'll remove the wig and appears to be bald. She usually wear a very deep green dress, almost appears dark.


Bald witch delivers the first prophecy to Macbeth along with sexy witch and boy witch, then she goes haunting in Banquo's nightmare in the crypt. She then set up the dancing floor and attends the ball with most of the main characters. After the ball, she transform to her "Bald" state, fighting with MacDuff on dancing floor. She heads up to hotel, taunting Banquo. Then she goes up to Gallow Green. Not long after her dance with boy witch on pool table, the Rave/Second prophecy begins.

Bald witch heads down to the banquet after cleaning herself up in Apothecary.

One on OneEdit